Policy Review -- Fee for Hunting and Game Tags Are Increasing (by Matt Faulks) 

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  Erik Nelson       Jun 13, 2017       Jun 19, 2017    

Policy Views -- Proposed Firearms Training in Schools (by Matt Faulks) 

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  Erik Nelson       Jun 13, 2017       Jun 19, 2017    

Policy Views -- How Idaho's Castle Doctrine Can Affect You in a Self-Defense Situation (by Matt Faulks) 

Our organization's legal counsel gives some general thoughts on the topic of Castle Doctrine in Idaho, and what the law does, fails to do, and how it could be improved. He adds a thoughtful and well-reasoned analysis of the 'Shower Shooting' in Bothel, Washington, that grabbed national media attention.   Read More

  Erik Nelson       Jun 8, 2017       Jun 19, 2017    

Safe Gun Storage 

With the summer months ahead, plan ahead to keep your firearms out of reach from curious toddlers and idle teenagers!  Read More

  Erik Nelson       Jun 2, 2017       Jun 19, 2017    

Take a Liberal To the Range 

If we want to fight the gun-control narrative, it has to start at the grassroots level by introducing new shooters to guns. Gun owners must stop letting the 2nd Amendment be a political issue and remind folks it's a human rights issue.  Read More

  Erik Nelson       May 30, 2017       May 30, 2017    

How Far You've Come 

What was your first self-defense firearm?   Read More

  Erik Nelson       May 10, 2017       May 10, 2017    

NRA and ISRPA Affiliate Drive 

We need members to get out and help us expand our membership!  Read More

  Erik Nelson       Apr 29, 2017       May 10, 2017    
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Concealed Carry Reciprocity 

The 115th Congress is considering a bill to formalize mandatory reciprocity, allowing persons lawfully carrying over state lines to use their own home state’s permit as a lawful permit. This means that Idaho residents travelling into Oregon will...  Read More

  Erik Nelson       Jan 25, 2017       Mar 14, 2017    

Buying a Gun Safe 

Gun safes are not just insurance against theft or keeping guns away from curious youths. They’re also guards against fire, catastrophe, leaky roofs and moisture accumulation. That said, there are a few caveats regarding safes. Remember first that a safe is only as good as its...  Read More

  Erik Nelson       Jan 25, 2017       Mar 14, 2017    

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