Union Worker Responds to Biden's Threat Against "AR-14" 

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         Mar 16, 2020         
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Fascinating 14 Minute Video 

Covering the recent batch of 86,000 M1 Garand’s just brought back from the Philippines.  Read More

  Admin       Dec 1, 2018         

Upcoming LCT Gun Shows for 2019  

Schedule provided by Lewis Clark Trader, LLC.  Read More

  Admin       Nov 28, 2018       Nov 21, 2020    

NRA at the Idaho Republican Party Convention! 

Keely Hopkins, our NRA-ILA State Director, has informed me “NRA will be attending the Idaho Republican Party Convention in Pocatello on June 28-30. Our incoming President Lt. Col. North will be...  Read More

  Admin       Jun 18, 2018         
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Senate Bill 1313 on Castle Doctrine and No Duty to Retreat/Stand Your Ground Goes to the Governor 

Senate Bill 1313 has been passed by the Idaho Senate and House. It now moves on to the Governor's office for his consideration for signature. The Board of ISRPA supports this bill. The Board of the ISPRA reviewed the language in the bill and we found a...  Read More

  Matthew Faulks       Mar 18, 2018       May 21, 2018    

Ammo’s Cheap. Surgery Isn’t. 

Leave your ammo on the ground.  Read More

  Erik Nelson       Mar 4, 2018         

Discussion of House Bill 444 on Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground 

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  Matthew Faulks       Feb 16, 2018         

Iron Sights: What's the best fit for your CCW? 

There are a lot of options for iron sights out there. At $100+ for illuminated target sights, are they worth the money?  Read More

  Erik Nelson       Jan 11, 2018         

HR 38 and You: What does it mean? 

The National Concealed Reciprocity Bill  Read More

  Erik Nelson       Dec 21, 2017       Dec 21, 2017    

1911s at the CMP-- at last! 

The latest updates from the CMP regarding 1911s!  Read More

  Erik Nelson       Dec 4, 2017       Dec 5, 2017      1 Comment

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