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  Varmint hunter10      Aug 2, 2019 @ 4:38 pm MDT

Your information is all correct and accurate. Thank you. I put in the paperwork for a CMP 1911 myself. It took CMP some time to get to my number (69xx) but it was worth the waiting and paperwork. Received a phone call in early July, called them back the next day and talked to a very nice and courteous CMP customer service rep. We had the transaction details completed in less than 10 minutes. After she said all three grades were still available, I knew I had made a good choice to apply! I selected the Service Grade, she said it wold ship the next day and arrive at my FFL the day after that. Anticipation was high. The 1911 I received met that anticipation well. Looks to be in great shape (I have not shot it yet), no rust, no pitting, good parkerizing - what's not to like? Mine is a Remington Rand (slide at least is). Was made in 1943. Was likely rebuilt at least one time, which is fine - CMP said most if not all were rebuilt at least one time. My FFL guy said it looks like mine was rebuilt and then went right into storage. Bottom line, I have no complaints. I paid $1050 for a Service Grade 1911, civilian market value appears to be about $1,500 - whats not to like? Additionally, I have a piece of history that I can shoot as much as I like (within reason) and not lose any value. I'm a satisfied and happy customer with my CMP 1911.

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