The ISRPA Personal Firearms Record

Every ISRPA Member should maintain an accurate record of his firearms, whether he has one or a large collection.

This record will be invaluable in the event of a loss or theft, for establishing values for insurance purposes, and for his protection in documenting sales or other disposal.

The Idaho State Rifle & Pistol Association has produced these Personal Firearms Record book especially for this purpose.

Man, am I glad I had one, and used it.  This little book saved my butt!

- Stewart R., Ada County, Idaho

I have my own, and give one to each of my children when they complete Hunters Ed.  It's just a good idea.

- Jim T., Idaho County, Idaho

The book provides Members with a central location for recording details about their collections (up to 100 firearms), with labeled spaces for all pertinent information concerning description, acquisition, condition, maintenance and disposition of firearms.

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Just $10 each... shipped!

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